Home Learning Showcase
Our page to share the brilliant work you are completing at home.
Kyan's been busy making some more maths videos to help us.
Devon's dinosaurs
Evan and Ava made a brilliant 
video - looks like lock-down was
 a lot of fun in their house!
Lara's made Glamorgan Sausages
Jayden's Llanhari 

The History of Lllanharry by Jayden Field.pdf The History of Lllanharry by Jayden Field.pdf
Size : 11208.187 Kb
Type : pdf
Ava and Evan made 

Glamorgan Sausages
Kyan's made another
great video!
Finley's letter to the

Class 4's collaboration
Jayden's fantastic

 minecraft creation

Rowan's been baking again - save some for us!!
Lloyd's Bee Picture
Bryan's Bee Picture
Kyan's snail drawing

 and bee project
Honey Bee project.pdf Honey Bee project.pdf
Size : 3103.99 Kb
Type : pdf
Elodie's dinosaur

Top 10 garden birds.pdf Top 10 garden birds.pdf
Size : 1283.99 Kb
Type : pdf
Class 4's topic work
class 4 topic work.pdf class 4 topic work.pdf
Size : 590.856 Kb
Type : pdf
Sophia's presentation
bees and honey.pdf bees and honey.pdf
Size : 1146.963 Kb
Type : pdf
Kyan's made another 

video - How to find the

 missing number
Class 4's topic work
class 4 topic work 2.pdf class 4 topic work 2.pdf
Size : 725.774 Kb
Type : pdf
Jack's been

labeling parts of the 

body in Welsh 

- da iawn!
Mark's brilliant snail.
Isla-Boe's loving the

 maths worksheets
Liam has made a 

picture using JIT on

 the HWB.
Jayden's snail
Jamie's Lockdown

Kyan has made a YouTube channel called 'Maths fun with Kyan' to

 help other children's home learning during lock down.
Jessica's butterfly
Charlie's Rain forest

A-Z research
Rainforest Book.pdf Rainforest Book.pdf
Size : 5114.788 Kb
Type : pdf
Freya's descriptive 

Jayden's mini-beast 

fact file
Ioan's life cycle of a 

Ava's mini-beasts
Rowan's had great fun

 making Mexican food
Jayden's brilliant 

snail collage

Darcey's made her

 own tea - yummy 

Amy's brilliant

science experiment
Sam's fantastic

 WW2 letter
Sophia's rainbow heart