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Vision, values and character skills


At Llanhari Primary School we aim to provide a wide range of enriching learning experiences, along with the support and guidance that an individual needs to reach their potential. We aim to foster a love of learning that is lifelong, enabling our children to become Healthy, Confident Individuals, Ethical, Informed Citizens, Ambitious Capable Learners and Enterprising Creative Contributors.

Values and Character Traits

In partnership with all stakeholders we have developed 6 core values that we encourage and develop as the key dispositions we would like all our pupils to acquire during their time at our school. They are:

Happiness, Perseverance,   Independence, Kindness, Confidence, Respect


  • Badge for Respect


    I treat others with kindness, empathy, and consideration, regardless of differences in background, beliefs, or abilities.

  • Badge for Responsibility


    I take ownership of my actions, learning, and contributions to the school community and demonstrate accountability for my behaviour and performance.

  • Badge for Integrity


    I act with honesty, fairness, and sincerity in all endeavours.

  • Badge for Collaboration


    I work cooperatively and constructively with peers, teachers, parents, and community members to achieve common goals and solve problems.

  • Badge for Resilience


    I overcome challenges, bounce back from setbacks, and persevere in facing obstacles, fostering a growth mindset and determination.

  • Badge for Kindness


    I show empathy, kindness, and compassion towards others.

Rewards and Recognition

Outline your school’s rewards programme, including academic achievements, extracurricular accomplishments, and character-based awards.

Describe how your rewards underpin your school values and character traits, as listed above, by reinforcing positive behaviour, attitudes, and actions. Detail any other specific awards using icons or illustrations and briefly explain each for clarity. Typical examples are shown below.

Explain how staff implement rewards fairly and consistently and communicate them effectively with parents.

  • Badge for Headteacher Award

    Headteacher Award

    I have demonstrated stand-out academic achievement/character skills/active participation in extracurricular activities within the school.

  • Badge for Star of the Week

    Star of the Week

    I have demonstrated exemplary behaviour/positive attitude/outstanding effort in academic/non-academic activities throughout the week.

  • Badge for Homework Hero

    Homework Hero

    I have completed my homework on time and demonstrated a thorough understanding of the material.

  • Badge for Writing Award

    Writing Award

    I have demonstrated outstanding creativity/language skills/the ability to communicate ideas effectively through writing.

  • Badge for Reading Award

    Reading Award

    I have shown exceptional enthusiasm for reading/demonstrated strong comprehension skills/displayed a keen interest in exploring a wide range of literary materials.

  • Badge for Maths Award

    Maths Award

    I have demonstrated excellent problem-solving skills/a firm grasp of mathematical concepts/achievement in mathematics-related tasks and assessments.

MarvellousMe (or other rewards app)

Present how your school uses MarvellousMe (or any other digital platform) to reward and celebrate children’s successes. Give details on how simple it is for parents to download the app and join the celebrations.

MarvellousMe is a digital platform that allows staff to award house points, meaningful badges, and positive behaviour points and engage parents seamlessly in their child’s success. For more information, see here.

Parental Involvement

Emphasise the importance of a positive teacher-parent partnership and how it boosts children’s happiness and well-being at school, motivation, and outcomes.

Explain how parents can reinforce their child’s progress at home and the significant impact of them saying ‘Well done’ to their child and talking together about the school day.

Examples of how parents can help are: 

Talk About School

Have meaningful conversations with your child about their school day. Discuss what activities they enjoyed, what they learned and what they found challenging.

Celebrate Achievements

Acknowledge and praise your child’s successes to boost their confidence.

Provide a Supportive Environment

Create a conducive space for studying and showing interest in your child’s academic pursuits.

Encourage Self-Reflection

Help your child set goals, reflect on progress, and celebrate growth.

Model Lifelong Learning

Demonstrate to your child a love for learning and resilience in facing challenges.

Promote Responsibility

Teach your child study skills, time management, and independence in learning.

Engage in Learning Activities

Explore educational outings and hands-on experiences with your child together.

Communicate with Teachers

Stay involved with your child’s education and collaborate with teachers to support your child’s progress.

MarvellousMe (or other parent engagement app)

Introduce parents to MarvellousMe (or any other digital platform) the school uses to engage them better in their child’s education. Give details on how simple it is for parents to download the app and join.

MarvellousMe gives parents exciting real-time alerts of their child’s learning and achievements at school, with a near-zero impact on teachers’ workload. For more information, see here.

Common Questions

Provide a list of frequently asked questions and answers for clarity.

Examples are:

How are school values integrated into daily activities and curriculum?

School values are embedded into the curriculum, classroom routines, and behaviour expectations to cultivate a positive learning environment. Staff model and reinforce these values through lessons, discussions, and activities.

How are students recognised for demonstrating school values?

Pupils are recognised through various rewards programs, including MarvellousMe badges, certificates, praise, and special privileges, for consistently embodying school values in their behaviour and actions.

What role do parents play in reinforcing school values at home?

Parents play a crucial role in reinforcing school values by discussing and modelling them at home, praising their child’s efforts, and supporting their involvement in school activities that promote these values.

How does the school ensure fairness and consistency in rewarding students?

The school has clear criteria and guidelines for rewards and recognition, ensuring that pupils are acknowledged fairly and consistently based on their demonstration of school values and positive behaviour.

Image for Events relating to Character Development/Parent Engagement

Events relating to Character Development/Parent Engagement

Event Description - Events relating to Character Development/Parent Engagement


Contact and Help

Provide detailed contact details so parents can reach the school or their child’s teacher for assistance.