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Our school uniform is a burgundy sweatshirt or cardigan, burgundy fleece or a reversible shower proof jacket. To go under the sweatshirt we wear gold or burgundy polo shirts. These should be worn with a grey skirt or trousers.

In the summer children can wear shorts with our polo shirts or red or yellow gingham dresses. The embroidered uniform along with a range of bags and accessories can be ordered online from ‘’.

Uniform is also ordered on a regular basis through the school for those parents who don’t have  access to the Internet.


Pupils need to change for P.E. Lessons. They will need black P.E. shorts and a white t-shirt. Trainers are worn outdoors but bare feet or daps are worn in the hall, depending on the activity.

Children will know what day they have PE at the beginning of each term. P.E. bags are available online and remember—label everything!

Shoes and jewellery

Everyone in school tries really hard to make sure we are safe from accident or injury, but this is really difficult if children wear heeled shoes, boots, clogs, platform soles or flip-flops. All children should wear flat school shoes with school uniform every day.

We also ask that children refrain from wearing any jewellery other than stud ear-rings and a watch.

Children are not allowed to wear any other jewellery unless there is a supporting letter specifying religious grounds. Please support us in enforcing these rules for health and safety reasons.


What happens if we lose things?

Children are not allowed to bring valuable equipment, like computer games, air pods etc. to school. Children, however, are allowed to bring mobile phones if they walk home from school on their own.

They need to ask permission if they want to bring their phone and must give it to their teacher to look after throughout the day. Lost or damaged items belonging to staff or children are not covered by our insurance.

We are taught to respect our own and other people’s property, but things do get broken or lost occasionally. It would be helpful if all bags, property and clothing could be labelled with full names.

If belongings get lost and children’s names are not on them, they go into the lost property box in the hall.

Could Mums and Dads please check lost property every so often, so that items can be returned to their owners. Lost property is kept for a term and then any unclaimed items are given to local charities.