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Following the disruption we have faced over the past 2 years the school is focussing on improving attendance rates, and we aim to improve attendance back to at least the rates we were achieving pre–covid. We will be re-introducing many of the initiatives and incentives that have proved successful in the past.

If your child is ill and has to take time off school, please make sure that the school knows why they are absent and keep us informed if they have to stay off for any length of time. This can be done by telephoning the school, there is a voice mail option for you to leave a message.  If your child has a hospital, dental or opticians’ appointment that can’t take place after school, please bring in your appointment card for our records. We work closely with the Local Authority Attendance Team to help families struggling with their child’s attendance and a variety of support is available.

Fixed penalty notices are issued for poor and unauthorised attendance, further details are available in our Attendance policy. In line with Local Authority policy, the school cannot authorise holidays in term-time, unless there are special circumstances and at the head teacher’s discretion. 


Further support:
We have produced a handy guide for parents, which is attached below.

Resilient families:
The Resilient Families’ service has been operational since January 2018 and provides the Team Around the Family arrangements in RCT. It is the Council’s recognised approach to delivering the early intervention and prevention agenda across RCT.  Resilient Families Service provides the opportunity to deliver swift, effective, consistent and bespoke support to families

Link to resilient families: click here