Llanhari Governing Body 

Welcome to the home page of the Governing Body. The Governing Body are volunteers who aim to support and challenge the school on all issues of school improvement. The full governing body meets termly with the headteacher to review the schools current performance and celebrate its achievements. Smaller committees meet in between the full termly meetings to look at a range of issues such as finance, curriculum and Human Resources. Governors also visit the classrooms to work with staff and pupils to gain a deeper understanding of the daily workings of our school. Their half termly newsletter ensures parents and the community have a greater understanding of the work on the governing body.

Governing Body Members 2022-23 

Mr. C. Lewis - Community (Chair)

Mr M Cleverly - LEA

Vacancy- LEA

Mr Ben Pick- LEA

Mrs. J. Dilworth - Minor Authority

Mrs S Fender - Community

Mrs C Lambert - Community

Mrs C. Hunt - Parent

Mrs C Jones - Parent

Mrs E King - Parent

Mr A Griffiths - Parent

Miss T M Burke - Teacher

Mrs J Jones - staff

Mrs E Coates - Headteacher  

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