Home Learning Showcase
Our page to share the brilliant work you are completing at home.
Kyan's made another 

video - How to find the

 missing number
Jack's been

labeling parts of the 

body in Welsh 

- da iawn!
Mark's brilliant snail.
Isla-Boe's loving the

 maths worksheets
Liam has made a 

picture using JIT on

 the HWB.
Jayden's snail
Jamie's Lockdown

Kyan has made a YouTube channel called 'Maths fun with Kyan' to

 help other children's home learning during lock down.
Jessica's butterfly
Charlie's Rain forest

A-Z research
Rainforest Book.pdf Rainforest Book.pdf
Size : 5114.788 Kb
Type : pdf
Freya's descriptive 

Jayden's mini-beast 

fact file
Ioan's life cycle of a 

Ava's mini-beasts
Rowan's had great fun

 making Mexican food
Jayden's brilliant 

snail collage

Darcey's made her

 own tea - yummy 

Amy's brilliant

science experiment
Sam's fantastic

 WW2 letter
Sophia's rainbow heart